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Germany (1986)

German/ New Zealand



2010- 2014 BA+ MA in Fine Arts, Faculty of San Carlos, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

2013- 2014 Academic Exchange, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago de Chile.

2012- 2013 Academic Exchange, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florencia, Italy.

2009-2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts, Universidad de Auckland, New Zealand.


Scholarships and Awards

2016 Nomination EB Dietzsch Kunstpreis, Volksbank Gera, Germany.

2015  Nomination (first round) for Figurativas, Fundació de les Arts y els Artistes, Barcelona.

          Nomination (first round) Mini Prints 2015, Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin, Berlin.

2013- 2014 Scholarship Iberoamérica Promoe-Santander (Santiago de Chile)        

2012- 2013 Scholarship Erasmus (Florence, Italy)

2013 Nomination 8º Premio Internazionale Biennale d’Incisione, MAC, N, Monsummano Terme, Tuscany, Italy.

2012 Nomination XV Concurso de las Artes y Cortometrajes Galileo Galilei, Valencia.

         Nomination VIII Certamen de Concurso de Pintura Miradas, Fundación Jorge Alió, Alicante.

         Nomination XIII Concurso de Cintura Moros Nuevos, Comparsa de Moros Nuevos, Alicante.

Individual Exhibitions             

2017 Verloren im Momentum (die Dauer der Bewegung / Veränderung). NEEDS, Berlin.

2015 Cualquier Instante Dado. Artimaña, Madrid.

2014 A Fleeting Glimpse. Espacio B Casa Taller Barroso, Santiago de Chile. 

         Inside/Outside. La Boheme, Valencia.

2013 Inside/Outside. La Gramola, Valencia.

Work in Collection

2013 MAC,N, Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del Novecento. Monsummano Terme (PT), Tuscany, Florence.

          Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florence.

Group Exhibitions (Selection)


2019 ArtSpring Dezentral II. Janusz-Korszak-Bibliothek, Berlin.

         ARTMUC. Kunstmesse, München. 

         Nah Dran Extended: Collaboration „Vortex“. ADA Studio, Berlin.

2018 Lange Nacht der Gerichtshöfe, Kunst in den Gerichtshöfen, Berlin. 

         16. OpenAirGallery. Stadtteilausschuss Kreuzberg, Berlin.

         Gekreuzte Identitäten. ArtSpring 2018, Berlin.

          Art Spring Central. Museum Pankow, Berlin.

2017 OpenAirGallery15. Stadtteilausschuss Kreuzberg e.V., Berlin.

2016 KunstBoulevard. Kulturamt Steglitz, Boulevard Berlin.  

         EB Dietzsch Kunstpreis. Volksbank Gera, Germany. 

2014 Proyectos en Pintura. Galeria Madhaus, Santiago de Chile.

         Mudas Sistemáticas. Madrid Arte Open Views, Madrid.

2013 8º Premio Internazionale Biennale d’Incisione. MAC,N, Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del Novecento, Monsummano Terme, Tuscany, Italy.

        Open Day. Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Italy

2012 Transito(s). Espacio B, Santiago de Chile.

2009 Art Traces. Projectspace B431, Elam, Auckland, New Zealand.

2008 S/T. Social Club LCrew, Valencia.


Collaborative Projects and Publications


2015 Satellite Berlin. Voluntary work, collaboration with exhibition projects such as Three Calling Birds and Nulla Dies Sine Linea.

         Detenidos (artist Carla Cañellas). Assistance with audiovisual production. Festival Embarrat, Tárrega, Spain. 

         The Lighting Mind // Atelier #3. Project Any Given Name // Magazine, September/March.

2014 Cal i Canto (artist Benjamin SanFuentes). Assistance and audiovisual production. Estación Mapocho, Santiago de Chile. 

2013 Benimaclet Entra. Cover of cultural agenda, December edition. Valencia, Spain.

More info about my specialisations 




The need to investigate and question the importance and influence of the situation and the spatial environment, and its subsequent implications on the individual - and vice versa-, was instigated by my personal history of constant relocation and confrontation with unknown cultures, mentalities and environments, and the associated search for my place in them. In the past 10 years I have lived in 7 different countries on 4 continents, and meanwile travelled extensively. Being in transit has become a way of life for me, and it has prompted a mechanism of remote observation, raising questions about issues of uprooting and displacement from home, when the base for establishing an identity, or for claiming one´s roots (culture, language, people, space, etc.) becomes ephemeral, temporary and changeable, rather than being a constant from which to operate. 


I tend to work in a range of media, most commonly painting, photography, video and installation, and usually have a balanced studio/out of studio production/research. My modus operandi typically begins with the collection of material in and from the public space (visual, audible, notes, encounters), inhabiting the street, watching and capturing, material which is then to be edited and reinterpreted.