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Biography and selected exhibitions


2010-14                Study of Fine Arts, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain (BFA & MFA)

2014                     Scholarship to study abroad, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile

2012-13                Scholarship to study abroad, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florence, Italy

2009/10                Study of Fine Arts, ELAM School of Fine Art, Auckland, New Zealand


Scholarships and Awards

2020                     Scholarship Kulturprojekte, Berlin

2019                     Heise Art Prize, Dessau

2014                     Scholarship Santander Iberoamérica Promoe for Santiago de Chile 

2012/13                Erasmus Scholarship for Florence


Exhibitions (Selection)

2023                     It´s Not About You. Eastside Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand (G*)

                             The Christchurch Art Show, Christchurch, New Zealand (G)

2022                     Fifty Squared Art Prize. Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (G)

                             Nacht & Tag in den Gerichtshöfen, Berlin (G)

                             Mask Wise. Mastul Kunst- und Kulturverein, Berlin (G)

2021                     Time Without Time. Triennale Grenchen, Switzerland (G)

                             Bilder vom Menschen. diekleinegalerie, Berlin (G)

2020                     we are all a number. diekleinegalerie, Berlin (S)

                             Sowohl als auch... K-Salon, Berlin (G)

                             Blick Fang. Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Bavaria (G)

2019                     Exhibition for the 12th Heise Art Prize. Dessau (G)
                             ARTMUC. Munich (G)
2018                     Art Spring Central. Museum Pankow, Berlin (G)
2016                     Exhibition for the EB Dietzsch Art Prize. Volksbank eG, Gera (G)
2015                     Cualquier Instante Dado. Artimania, Madrid, Spain (S)
2014                     Proyectos en Pintura. Galeria Madhouse, Santiago de Chile (G)
2013                     8. Biennale international Printmaking Prize, Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del Novecento                                    (MAC ́N), Tuscany, Italy (G)
2009                     Art Traces. Projectspace B431, Auckland, New Zealand (G)


Works in Collection

                             Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del Novecento (MAC N), Tuscany, Italy

                             Accademia di Belli Arte, Florence, Italy



2015                     Any given Name, Atelier #3, The Lighting Mind, Spain


*S= Solo exhibition

G= Group exhibition

Born in Germany, I emigrated to New Zealand with my family at the age of ten. I later began my studies in Fine Arts at ELAM School of Fine Arts (University of Auckland), and continued to finish my degree in Spain, with scholarships for two semesters in Italy, and one semester in Chile. After also spending extended periods in Australia and England, I moved to Berlin in 2015 to work as a freelance artist. 

Inspired by my biography, marked by travel and numerous changes of location, as well as the associated search for my place in each environment, I continuously take up themes that focus on the human being and its ambivalent identity in the global and at the same time fragmented world. On the one hand, I am interested in the dialogue between the individual and space, privacy and surveillance, the examination of one's own family history and the question of what "family" actually means, the defusing of memory through blurring, the rituals of communication. At the same time, I explore self- representation as a mixture of veiling and unveiling, the use of masks to speak about that which we hide and the media's female ideal of beauty. 

My oil paintings, mixed media on canvas and wood, ink, pencil or chalk drawings are the result of a long working process in which I collect and process material such as photographs (including family albums), sounds, sketches and notes from the urban environment. For me, art is a means to preserve the temporary and ephemeral from disappearing and being forgotten. 

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